10 golden rules for your new logo

10 Tipps - Logo Design

10 golden rules you should consider when you’re about to create your new logo. Let’s go!

There’s tons of literature on logo design but to be honest: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” That’s why we’ve come up with a short and quick summary of 10 golden rules you should consider when you’re about to create your new logo. Let’s go!

1. Back to the basics

It all starts with some basic questions you need to ask yourself before you get started. Think about your new business and ask yourself: Why are you here? What do you do, and how do you do it? What makes you different? Who are you here for? What do you value the most? All these answers are the foundation of your brand identity that needs to be communicated with your new logo.

2. Make it memorable

The most important thing about a logo is that your clients or customers can remember it very easily. So many things are competing for our attention every day, try to create a memorable logo that your customers love. Keep in mind: Simple shapes and signature colours create lasting impressions and stick to people’s brains easier.

3. Keep it simple

A complicated logo is difficult to sell: As stated before your clients or customers might not remember it very easily. A complicated and very abstract logo could also be irritating or distracting for them. People need to understand your brand and business when they see your logo. This might tempt you to add even more details but beware: it will make your design more complex and creates room for interpretation. Therefore, simplicity is not always easy to achieve but always worth a try. Just think of the amazing simplicity of the world-famous Apple Logo.

4. Look at the bigger picture

If you’re about to choose a logo make sure you look at some mock-ups and design ideas that show you how your logo will look in real life. Every time you design a logo with Logoshuffle we provide you with mock-ups like business card designs or other brand touchpoints so that it’s easier for you to imagine how your new logo will represent your brand.

5. Make it last a long time

Who knows what the future holds in store for you? You can’t always prepare yourself for all the challenges ahead, but you can create a logo that will stand the test of time. Yes of course, you can always rebrand your company, but that is a costly and sometimes risky adventure. Typographic logos are usually prone to last longer and still work for most target-groups: just think of the IBM logo.

6. Think about your products & services

It’s good to be creative but try to keep in mind that after all you are trying to sell your goods or services. Your logo should help you to create a strong brand that attracts customers and creates a bond with them. So, think about your industry and what you are trying to communicate and sell when you’re designing your first logo.

7. Dare to be different

Yes, we’ve just told you that you should consider a lot of things before you create your first logo, but since every logo needs to be unique you just have to think outside the famous box. Try to look at your competitor’s logos as an inspiration: as an inspiration to create something completely different. A logo that has the chance to disrupt the industry. But it’s not enough to make it different – make it better. No worries, we can help you with that.

8. Choose your colours wisely

Colours might speak even louder than words. So be careful and try to choose a colour that works with the aspired image and your brand’s identity. If you are a consulting company or a provider of financial or insurance services, it’s probably better to stick with classic and trustworthy colours like shades of blue. But if you are opening up a hip new restaurant there’s almost nothing that can hold you back, so feel free to use a vibrant shade like yellow or orange.

9. Do it your way

If you want to do it your way, you’ve got to do it yourself. After all, there’s no one that knows your brand better than you do. So, trust your instincts, trust your expertise and design it yourself. Your new logo is just a few clicks away. Get started here.

10. Create a logo you love

Last but not least: Have fun! Creating a brand and a new logo should always be something you enjoy. But not only enjoy: Create something you truly love. Because after all you are your brand’s most important ambassador.

Caro, am 24. September 2018