6 things to keep in mind when you’re designing your first logo

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We’re here to help you out - first things first: It’s time to work on your logo!

You started your own business- congratulations! But now let’s get down to business. Sure, you need a business plan but at some point, you might as well need business cards, so it’s better to work on your branding as early as possible. Why? Because there are many things you need to consider when you want to establish a brand but don’t worry – we’re here to help you out. First things first: It’s time to work on your logo.

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Your logo should represent your business and your industry the best way possible. But it’s not only about your taste – always keep an eye on your customers. What would attract them? What is going to catch their eye and make them fall in love with your brand? Be as unique as possible because after all you only have one chance for a great first impression. And let’s be honest: your logo is probably the first thing your customers or clients will see. Impress them and show them what your company stands for. So, before you choose your logo define your brand and your brand values.

Define your brand

Here we go. Every brand has a core personality with values and characteristics that make it successful. To figure out what your brand’s personality is, you must be very honest with yourself and answer a few crucial questions. Look inside yourself and ask: Why did I or we start this business? What are our beliefs and values and are they important for our company? What do we do better than any other company? What makes our customers love our company? What will make our customers trust us? What makes us special in this world of possibilities and alternatives? If we could describe our brand in three words, what would they be? How would our customers describe us?

These questions sound pretty easy but once you get started you’ll quickly realize that these answers are not always easy to find, but so crucial when you’re trying to establish a strong and successful brand. And always remember: There are no wrong answers but be honest about your product or your services and try to figure out what you are strengths and weaknesses are and make sure you communicate your strengths well.

Be inspired

Inspiration opens your mind to new possibilities and gets you in the perfect mood to create. Start looking at the world around you with your eyes open. Take pictures of logos you like, create a pinterest board with brands you love, look at brands on Instagram and check out pages like awwwards.com or Behance.net where you find a lot of great branding ideas. Collect all these images of logos you like and try to figure out what exactly you like about them. What do they have in common? After that look at your industry and your competitors: What do their logos look like? What colours do they use? Find out what you like and then look at your brand’s personality: Could that be compatible? Use all the inspiration and get started.

It’s all about usability

Before you start designing, you should think about how and where you’re going to use the logo? Are you going to print business cards or flyers? Do you have a Facebook Site or an Instagram Account? Or a you going to open a store and need a sign outside? Keep in mind that you new logo has to work online as well as offline in the real world. So, when you look at your options choose one that you can image in all these surroundings. Try also to envision how the logo will look on your new social media profile picture because this is probably one of your most important communication channels where you’ll interact with your customers and clients – so you better make sure you look good there.

Colour your world!

Colours are key when you’re trying to communicate your brand’s personality. But not only that: Almost all successful brands have signature colours: Just think about the Coca Cola Red or the colourful Google Logo or the yellow M of McDonalds. And if you think about these logos, you immediately imagine their colours. Furthermore, research has shown that 80% of consumers say that colour increases brand recognition.

But choose your brand’s colour wisely: Colours have a certain meaning and should represent your brand’s personality: Red is exciting, powerful, sexy and urgent since it’s been used for warning signs as well. Orange is friendly, happy and creative and seeks attention. Yellow is optimistic, warm, bright and makes people smile. Purple is mysterious, royal and full of imagination. Blue is tranquil and stands for dependability, technology and trustworthiness. Green is peaceful and serene and stands for growth and of course nature. Okay, okay black and white aren’t colours but nevertheless they have a certain meaning: Black is professional, edgy and credible. White is clean, pure and free. And grey or silver stands for neutrality, technology and is therefore very often used by car brands.

Keep these personality traits and characteristics in mind when you’re choosing your signature colour or combine them wisely to create a colour palette that matches all your brand’s characteristics.

Have fun!

All these information and thoughts can be quite overwhelming at first. But take a deep breath and remember that you’re creating a new future for yourself. Of course, that’s a lot of responsibility but trust yourself and try to have fun. Create something you believe in and will enjoy seeing every day and then share it with the world. Start creating your logo here and don’t forget to share your results with us – because after all your logo might inspire the next entrepreneur to get creative.


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Caro, am 24. September 2018