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How to choose the colour of your logo

“Colour your life!” Yes, of course, but when it comes to your own corporate design, most entrepreneurs tend to avoid vibrant colours and instead go for classics like white, black or sometimes even blue or grey. The right colour can make your logo look unique and strengthen your brand - we'll explain to you here how colours can shape the way your brand is perceived.

Find the perfect shade

Choosing the right colour for your logo is no easy task. But let’s face the truth: Choosing the right colour is not about your taste or your personal preferences. After all, your brand should embody brand values and fit the industry in which you operate. Therefore, choose the colour or colour accents of your logo consciously. Let’s take a walk along the rainbow, so that we can tell you more about the meaning of the most common logo colours:


The colour yellow stands for the sun and makes the brand appear warm and luminous. No other colour radiates as much optimism as yellow. The viewer will automatically smile if he sees your logo. Yellow alone is often difficult to represent and can also be a visual challenge for the viewer, depending on the specific shade, therefore, yellow is very often combined with a dark shade such as black in the logo design. This highlights contours and creates a certain sharpness.
Yellow is definitely suitable for brands that want to stand out. It is very often used for creative, craft and design brands such as Post-It or Bic. However, the positive image of colour is generally suitable for a large number of very different industries, as this overview shows:


The colour orange looks friendly, happy and definitely attracts attention. Orange has a similar effect as yellow, but is usually associated more strongly with creativity. Rigidly structured and serious companies will rarely rely on orange, because it is the exact opposite of the coolness and seriousness of blue. Brands that want to convey fun and lightness very often use orange. A good example is the soft drink Fanta or the smile in the amazon logo.


Red alerts people and triggers emotions. This intense colour can’t be ignored easily. Red requires courage, after all the colour transports dynamism, zeal, power, the desire for

adventure, energy but also sex appeal. Red is always a signal colour, because it is used in traffic signs such as the stop sign.
The colour red is therefore particularly suitable for brands that plan to disrupt the market, which is particularly evident when you take a closer look at which brands are already using this colour. Innovation needs courage, therefore red fits very well. Just think of H&M, for example, who revolutionised the textile trade with their large range of low-priced clothes or Netflix: the streaming provider has turned the world of television upside down with its on-demand services..
Brands that rely on red:


Blue has a calming effect and is the favourite colour of most men. The many shades of blue are associated with coolness, but also with respect and trust.
The colour blue is often used for technology, IT and traffic, because it stands for progress and (artificial) intellgence. Blue is definitely a good choice for any brand that aims for "clear", "defined" and "professional" look. When you think of blue logos, you probably think of Facebook or PayPal. These logos perfectly express the combination of technology, security and trust behind the brands.
Blue like...


The colour green reminds us of nature and the environment. Green is a peaceful colour that stands for growth, nature and health. Green is always associated with hope and confidence.
Typically, green is used for brands that want to express their interest in the environment and nature, even if it is not always exactly what the company stands for, but rather the image that the company aspires to obtain. But beware: green is a "camouflage colour", so be careful about the shade you choose. The more it goes into the olive, the less the colour stands out in everyday life. Green is therefore only conditionally suitable for logos that want to attract attention in everyday life.


The colours grey and silver stand for neutrality, technology and innovation. So it’s no surprise that automobile brands frequently use these colours. Grey and silver embody subtle elegance and restraint, which means that the brands radiate a certain value, but also a corresponding price.

Black and white

Of course black and white are not colours, but are also very frequently used in logo designs. These two tones also have a psychological meaning: black leaves a professional and modern impression on the observer and conveys credibility and seriousness. Nevertheless, black always has something modern and cool, because it conquers the viewer in a subtle way. White, on the other hand, appears pure, clean and free. The use of white makes free associations possible and never seems threatening.

Let's get started

Choose the colour of your logo wisely but also keep in mind that typography and icons play a significant role as well and influence the way your brand is perceived.
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Caro, am 10. September 2019