Do I need a logo?

Logo for your business

5 reasons why your business needs a professional logo

There are many things you need to consider when starting your own business. In the beginning was the word … hopefully, cause it all starts with a good and unique brand name. But as you start working and making progress you will quickly realize that you do need a logo. You will eventually need to design business cards and a website to show what your company’s about – so yes, you do need a logo. You might want to put it off for some time because of other priorities but here are five important reasons why you should start creating your new logo right now:

Show who you are!

The ultimate way to show your company’s identity is a creative branding. And the centre piece of every branding is a well-constructed and - let’s face it – appealing logo that communicates your company’s values better than words could ever do. Every successful brand has a clear identity and personality. The first step therefore is to figure out the identity of your business. What are your customers supposed to think and feel when they see your logo? Colours, fonts, icons and pictures shape the way people see your company and remember your brand. So, take your time, figure out what you want to communicate but even more what you need to communicate to your customers to make them remember your brand, trust your company, and love your products and services.

Make an impression!

We like to tell it like it is: Branding creates value. Every year the global brand consultancy Interbrand publishes a list of the best global brands. If you look at the featured brands you easily get an idea of what we’re trying to say: a logo creates value. Just look at the list: Most of the mentioned brands have logos that can easily be recognized – even by kids or toddlers. Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Facebook – I bet you can depict all these logos immediately. A unique visualization of these brands has helped them conquer the world and our minds. Branding like this creates massive value for the companies mentioned and helps them to build a strong community of followers and customers.

Be unique!

You know it better than anyone else: Who are your strongest competitors? And since it’s all been done before: How can you distinguish your company from them? The answer might lie in the way you present your company to your customers. Your logo and your branding helps you to create a unique image that makes you distinctive and recognizable. As people will remember your company and are satisfied with your products or services they also become loyal to your brand. Creating loyal customers that act as brand ambassadors and recommend your company to others – either by word-of-mouth or on social media – is essential for success. So instead of imitating your competitors try to find your own brand identity, create a unique logo and show the world how amazing your business is.

Mark your territory!

Your logo is a simple way of marking your territory and promote your goods or services. From your business cards to your sign plate to your company car or your emails – your branding represents you at every brand touchpoint. So, when you’re designing your logo try to keep all these different channels in mind and make sure your logo looks good everywhere – on- and offline.

Empower yourself!

Last but not least: Starting a business is a difficult task. Once you have enough confidence to get started you’ve got to convince other people continuously that your products or services are as good as they actually are. And you know what keeps you motivated? The brand identity that you have created! Seeing your logo for the first time will empower you and give you the confidence to tackle even the toughest business tasks.

Get started, get creative and make your brand matter – because you don’t get a second chance for your first impression.

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Caro, am 24. September 2018