How much does a logo cost?

Logo Cost - Logo Kosten

What your corporate identity can, may and should cost you

Once the company name has been chosen, you’ll need a visual representation of the name for the start of the new business. Let’s face it: You need a logo!

The search starts

Anyone who needs a logo-design first has to answer a crucial question: Who do you commission with the design? Is an advertising agency the best partner? Would it be better to have your logo designed by an independent graphic designer? Or do you prefer to design your own logo with a logo generator?

There are many ways, but each option is associated with certain costs and requires a different amount of your time. With an agency or a designer you are personally looked after, but you also have to prepare some things, such as a briefing, so that the designers get a feel for the new brand. However, the briefing is not only about your colour and style preferences, but above all about strategic factors:  What is the target group of the new company? How and where does the brand communicate? And in which sector is the company?

Money Money Money

When it comes to deciding who to commission with the logo design, the budget is of course also a decisive factor. What does a logo cost? What may it cost?

Many factors have an impact on costs, so you won't find any price tables on the websites of agencies or designers. Factors that influence the cost of a logo design include rights of use, style and details, research, number of included corrections or revisions, experience and reputation of the designer, number of briefing meetings etc. - but most importantly, the hours of work required, which can quickly drive up costs.

What does a logo design designed by a logo generator cost?

These costs are eliminated if you decide to design your logo with a logo generator like Logoshuffle. Depending on the chosen package (Starter, Complete or Professional) your new logo will cost you 20 - 85 Euro. No meetings, no briefings necessary, after all you design it yourself with the help of the logo generator and can "shuffle" through various suggestions. Thanks to artificial intelligence, sophisticated learning algorithms and countless fonts, layouts and colour variations, exciting designs can be generated in seconds with just a few clicks.

What does a logo designed by freelance designers or agencies cost?

Basically, a freelance designer who is at the beginning of his career will charge approximately 200-800 Euro for a logo design. A logo designed by a more experienced designer can cost 800-2,500 Euros. In its manual "Design: Calculation & Fees", Design Austria states average costs of approximately 2,500 € for a brand or company logo exclusive rights of use.

With a larger agency the costs are again somewhat higher - 2,500 Euro upward - since they usually work with a bigger team to cater your needs and mostly won’t design only your logo but probably will also work on the other brand touchpoints such as business cards, E-Mail signatures, plates etc. Although please keep in mind: these costs are not included in these estimations.

A Logo alone won’t make you happy

Let’s be honest: To get started you need more than "just" a logo, but also the design of all your brand touchpoints. In practice, this can result in enormous additional costs, which many entrepreneurs unfortunately forget to take into account at the beginning. After all, it is not only the printing of business cards or folders that has to be included in the budget, but also the design.

According to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and Design Austria, the average costs for a complete corporate design are between 1,000 and 4,880 euros. This might shock entrepreneurs who just started their business, because after all they need business cards, letter and invoice templates or door plates.

For companies with a limited budget a logo generator like Logoshuffle can help them to save a lot of money- and time as well. Here is an overview of all the brand touchpoints you can design yourself. In terms of costs, many different packages are available: from 9 euros for an Office template package to a complete branded identity package for 159 euros.

Good design - a question of money?

The different options show that good design and unique branding are not necessarily a question of money. Every company has a budget they need to use the smartest way possible, but they also need their branding fast. With the ever evolving technology, you can save time and money – and use your knowledge about your brand and company to design your own logo.  Just give it a try!
Caro, am 30. November 2018