The history of our logo maker: Insights into LOGOSHUFFLE

Everything has its beginning. Every idea, every journey starts somewhere. Also our startup idea LOGOSHUFFLE, that allows you to design professional logos easily and comfortly within minutes, started small. In this blog article, we want to tell you our story: the history of our platform for automated online design named LOGOSHUFFLE.

The major dilemma with designing a logo

Like a lot of projects out there, our project - code name "LOGOSHUFFLE" - started with a problem that occured in daily life. For a customer of ours, we needed a logo as we were preparing a pitch deck for a investors meeting. The alleged solution for our problem sounded easy at first. You just need to ask a designer, right? That was the starting point for our dilemma:

  • It would take days to get a first offer from a designer. That was way to long for us. We needed this logo ASAP and very desperately.

  • The price was indeed important. And professional designs get expensive very soon.

  • We had specific ideas for our perfect logo design. Would the designer do a good job in putting our ideas into practice? We have had our doubts.

But where would we get a logo from in just a short time and with a tight deadline? After some consideration, asking a designer was no option.

To get quick logo suggestions, we created a call for tenders on a crowd design platform. The first suggestions we got were not in line with our initial idea and it took several feedback loops to receive a final logo design. To make matters worse, we were too late for our deadline which prompted us to postpone our investors meeting. The end result: no logo, no meeting, no investment.

LOGOSHUFFLE - Create your logo within 3 minutes

At this point we thought: What about making a digital logo designer that creates logo designs within minutes? It should be possible to make this design process easier and faster somehow! In our team, the idea for a "logo creator" that designs logos automatically was born. We wanted to support others with similar problems and drafted our own solution for the problem on the spot: LOGOSHUFFLE.

At, you simply type in your company or product name and add some additional keywords that describes your company. Our logo generator based on Artificial Intelligence then creates nine logo designs that are uniquely composed everytime you shuffle. The algorithm behind LOGOSHUFFLE uses intelligent design patterns and moves freely within the permissible limits. For instance, the AI chooses certain design proportions that work together harmoniously or determines the arrangement or orientation of icons and text elements. Within 3 minutes, you have your finished logo design!

LOGOSHUFFLE logo generator

Our way to founding a business

Since the day we had this idea of making a logo generator, everything went straight to founding a new company. The first version of LOGOSHUFFLE was build besides other projects and was financed by earnings from these other projects. In Fall 2015, we launched the alpha version. Only three months after that, we won the DBT-Award 2015 with our project. In 2016, we already had sales in over 30 countries. One year later, we founded the company together with the investor and Company Builder Up to Eleven in Austria. A second funding round was closed this May with Up to Eleven and KaPa Ventures. As of today, 10 employees work on LOGOSHUFFLE.

The design platform with the fun factor

Over time, our logo generator became a design platform that allows its users to create logos quickly, with practically no effort and with support from AI:

  • You save a lot of time when designing a logo.

  • You also save a lot of money.

  • And using LOGOSHUFFLE makes fun too!

Our approach is that you are inspired by the different logo suggestions in the first place and then can refine your design playfully. It makes a lot of fun using LOGOSHUFFLE. You can experiment with your designs that are always unique.

Our vision drives us forward

Our goal is very clear: LOGOSHUFFLE should be the starting point for young entrepreneurs and people with exciting projects to create strong brands from a simple idea. Step by step to a complete image and identity for the new company. Our product should score with an intelligent solution to make designing - with the help of algorithms - as easy as pie.


Werner, am 24. September 2018