The most important Brand Touchpoints

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Brand touchpoints: Where your Logo will change the way people perceive your company!

If you want to create a strong brand, it is important that your brand is always clearly recognizable. A logo is the first step to make sure that your customers recognize your brand immediately. Ideally, even if they only see the logo on a passing truck. Recognisability is therefore the most important goal when you’re trying to establish a new brand, because it ensures that if your customers are satisfied, they will remain loyal to your brand. Ideally for a lifetime.

Love at first sight

The perfect logo should ensure that your customers recognize your brand, even if it presents itself in a "place" full of stimuli like for instance Facebook. Especially in such highly competitive places as social media it is important to present your brand in the best possible way and to make sure that it stands out. In the fight for the limited attention span of your target group, your brand or your company needs every advantage it can get. A well-designed individual logo can become your gamechanger.

What is a brand touchpoint?

All these places where your brand meets the public and its possible customers are called "brand touchpoints". The perfect logo must "work" on many very different brand touchpoints - both online and offline. Furthermore it is very important that your new logo is able to express the brand and its brand promise clearly.
To be more precise, a brand touchpoint refers to all "points" at which a brand comes into contact with the public. At these interfaces to the public, the customers get a (first) impression of the brand or the company. These brand contact points range from business cards, offer templates, presentation decks, folders to merchandise like team shirts and much more. Here your customer gets to literally see your brand and to know it better. This first impression determines how he or she perceives your brand and your company and lets him or her either reach for your product or – in some cases - for your competitor.

Consistency is key

But if you consider at how many touchpoints your brand must be present, you also have to keep all these places in mind when you create a logo. You need to provide all these touch points with a corporate design that communicates the brand message clearly. The main goal is to create a replicable brand experience for your customers. These touch points are where your brand expresses its individual brand promise, which can be a bit tricky because each of these touchpoints opens up different possibilities for your brand management. To create a consistent image it is very important that these touch points are managed and designed by the same person or agency.

The most important brand touchpoints:

  • Offline: Business cards, folders, signs, stickers, packaging, invoices, envelopes, offers, rollups, merchandise such as clothing,...

  • Online: Website, Social Media Sites, Newsletter, E-Mail Signature, Advertising Banner, Presentation Templates,...

Getting started

Especially at the start of your business and after a logo has been designed, you need to take care of the other brand touchpoints as well. Ideally, a starter kit should be prepared at the beginning to equip the most important brand touchpoints with the new corporate design. Many graphic designers and designers put together a kit right from the start, in which they conceive and design the most common documents such as business cards, offer templates, invoice templates, social media logos, etc. all at once. Logoshuffle, for example, offers you a variety of starter sets in its in-house branding shop. With the many variations and options there’s surely the perfect portfolio available for every budget. Start right away and create a brand to remember!
Caro, am 4. December 2018