Pitch perfect – The perfect company presentation

Pitch perfect - branded pitch deck

Impress any audience with your branded pitch deck

Whether you're looking for a potential investor or want to present your company at an event, first impressions count. Ideally, most viewers will remember two things: how convincing you were as a speaker and the logo or name of your company. Unfortunately, we can't really help you with the former, but we still have some good advice for you: Just be yourself and of course: Practice makes perfect! But we can help you to impress your audience with an appealing and visually exciting presentation.

Present yourself from your best side!

Don't forget: The success of the presentation depends on you, but the presentation should not be about you. The company and the goal of the presentation must always be in the spotlight. Many things can't be put into words, so the most important thing is the look of your presentation. We've put together a few simple tips for you that will certainly help you captivate your audience and make an impression.

Tip #1: Show them who you are

As a start-up or company who’s looking for a potential investor or introducing itself to other important partners such as banks, it is particularly important to make it clear that you know how your business will develop. Therefore you need a logo and corporate design that lends the new brand value, strength and distinctiveness. A branded pitch deck is the perfect tool to show the audience clearly that your company is ready to conquer the market and maybe even the world. So make sure that your logo is always present and that it can be seen both at the beginning and at the end of the presentation.

Tip no. 2: Show your true colours

Each logo is accompanied by a corporate design that defines the colours, fonts and visual language of your brand. Make sure you use these elements of your brand in your presentation. The colours of your logo should ideally be found in subheadings, pie charts, tables or guidelines. So that the look of your brand is anchored in the subconscious of the audience and you prove to the audience that your company cares about its professional appearance. But as always: it's the dose that makes the difference. Stay away from overly colourful backgrounds and focus on subtle but charming colour accents that underline the content.

Tip no. 3: Show them the way

As a listener you know that even the best and most convincing presentations can make you peek at your watch. After all you sit passively in the audience and have nothing to do but listen to the presenter. So when creating your slides, always think about the needs of your audience. Make sure that your slides are exciting and guide the audience through the presentation. You can do this with exciting graphics, interesting headlines or pictures that will amaze your viewers. But make sure you choose all these elements carefully so that they match the design of your brand. After all, you want your presentation to stand out - but with content, not with weird design elements that distract them. Ask for feedback from critical colleagues before you present for the first time - so you can make corrections before you have to face the critical audience or an investor.

Learn from the best!

Rome wasn't built in a day. So the perfect presentation is something that you will continue to develop. Numerous successful and well-known companies have made an impression with their first presentations and pitch decks, although their corporate design was far from being as sophisticated and timeless as it is today.

A good example is Air BnB's Pitch Deck, which had to proof the potential behind the business concept with a lot of calculations and forecasts. As exciting is the presentation of Tinder, which at that time was still called Match Box, but had already developed some elements of today's design. Last but not least: Xing's Pitchdeck, which perfectly implemented Xing's corporate design and plays beautifully with the brand's colours.

Make your business a best practice example

Now that you know the three most important rules of a perfectly branded pitch deck and have seen how other companies do it, it's time to dedicate yourself to your own pitch deck. But before you worry about whether you can really do it and lose valuable time in the process, let us help you with this task. With Logoshuffle's Branded Pitch Deck you can design a pitch deck to match your logo at the touch of a button. You "only" have to take care of the content of the presentation – we take care of the unique design. Give it a try!

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Caro, am 21. January 2019