Which logo font suits your brand?

Typographically speaking. Which logo font suits your brand?

When you’re designing your first logo, you have to choose a font that matches your brand. After all, typography influences how we perceive designs. In logo design this decision is even more serious. But don't worry, we'll help you choose the right font for your logo design.


Show character!

Each font has a certain personality and transports different moods. Times New Roman is serious and embodies a certain sincerity, Comic Sans is playful and always ready for a trip to the playground and Arial is so reserved that there's plenty of room for interpretation. Like every human being, every font has character traits that influence how the written text is perceived. When choosing your logo font, always pay attention to the personality of your brand and how your brand should be perceived by your customers.


Serifs or no serifs? – That is the question

The first thing you'll learn is that there are serif and sans serif fonts. Serifs are the small, concluding cross strokes at the end of the letters. This text is written with a sans serif font. A serif font looks like this:

  • Times New Roman is a classic serif typeface.

Serifs can also look very different, depending on the font in which they are used. You can see this very well in the following graphic:

Source: Wikipedia

But how do sans serif or serif fonts affect the viewer? When deciding for or against serifs, you should consider the rest of the logo design, but also the context and, above all, whether the typeface's image matches the brand. Serif fonts usually look serious, noble, but also old, not to say antique. If you find that a serif font matches your logo or brand well, please note that this font is difficult to read if it is greatly reduced in size.

Sans serif fonts generally look modern and contemporary, but they may also look too simple and characterless. Please bear this in mind when you’re looking for your perfect font match.


Written by hand

When choosing the right font, you can still choose between a typewriter font and a handwritten font. Machine fonts are designed and easy to read. The handwritten font imitates the look of a handwriting and can therefore be less readable. A handwritten font is always very individual and looks handmade, so it gives the brand a personal touch. But don't let yourself be misled into thinking that a handwritten font looks cheap. There are a lot of handwritten typefaces that look noble, unique and exclusive, mainly because they look handmade.

  • Calibri is a typeface.

  • Bradley Hand, on the other hand, is a handwriting font.


Dare to be different!

Your logo should be unique and make your brand recognizable. Then why don't you try an unusual font? Our Logoshuffle Logo Generator  gives you the option to select "Other" in the font category. With one click we show you completely new, individual fonts that give your logo more character. Just try it out and let us get creative for you. Ready when you are!
Caro, am 30. May 2019