Convince customers and partners with an overall professional impression. A standardized branding cares for recognition value and radiates high quality, which is automatically awarded your products & services. With this package, you’ll get everything you need to have your brand printed on business cards, stationery, envelopes (printed types) and different products and objects.


  • Your professional design for an overall standardized appearance
  • Preferences & styles are collected in step 1
  • Our designer optimally matches the basic design to your logo & company
  • 2 feedback loops: amendments are incorporated by our designers
  • 1 package containing the print-ready files
  • Design for business cards, letterhead & envelope
  • Design for files/stapler (A4)
  • 1 design model for placing the logo on your product
  • 2 other Design formats for you to choose. E.g. CD covers, coasters, etc.
  • Rights of use to all content and stock photos in the package

What can be contained in this package, for example?

Logo product sample

Place your logo on your product

Coffee mug sample

You can freely choose 2 designs, on which your logo should be placed.

Letterhead sample

Logo on your stationery or letterhead, or on request with address & contact details

Sample for packaging

Placing your logo on a product packaging

Why do I need the branded identity package?

An approach to a consistent branding with business cards, letterhead, leave a professional impression. Our designers know what is important and can bring your company logo to its best use.

Frequently asked questions about this product

Does the package actually contain my logo?

Of course, our Communication Package contains the logo which you bought at LOGOSHUFFLE and a matching basic design. In connection to this, colors and fonts are adjusted to the style of the logo

Can I change the templates myself, and fit them to my needs?

Yes, of course, you can individually edit each graphics and save. However, you will need a vector graphics program. We supply all files in the free SVG format so that you can make changes using a free program “Inkscape”.

How long will it take to receive the communication package?

Immediately after ordering, we collect personal style preferences. Usually on the same day, but not later than the next working day, one of our designers will begin to create a template in the style of your company. Normally, you will receive the finished package within two or three working days.

Will my presentation be created automatically, or manually by a designer?

Your presentation will be customized by our designer Erna. So, you will get your individual presentation template and style.