A company presentation is inevitable for every enterprise to present their products, facts, numbers or their own vision to other people, or any company. Besides, a diagrammatically well-designed set of slides is the most important, so that the content that you create yourself are also expressed accordingly. If you do not have a presentation template, you should create one as soon as possible. We will supply a presentation template suitable for your logo. You only have to worry about the content.


  • Your professional presentation template designer
  • Preferences & style can be adjusted in the first step after ordering
  • Our designers optimally adjusts the design to your logo & company
  • 1 package with the completed PowerPoint presentation within 2 working days
  • Rights of use to all contents and stock photos in the package
  • 1 x adjustment of base design by our designers
  • PowerPoint presentation (approx. 15 slides)

What is included in the package?

Cover page template

Model for a cover page and a cover sheet in 2 variants

Slide layouts

10 different cover sheet templates and layouts, adjusted to your logo for impressive presentations – freely customizable of course

Standard symbols & shapes

Contain important standard symbols & shapes and frames in a suitable style included in the presentation template

Product sheets

More template slides in which photos or images can be exchanged “with a click”

Why do I need a template for a company presentation?

Because with it, you save a lot of time when creating your presentation, flyers, mailings or when designing marketing documents. The slides contain all the important layouts that should be present in the typical product or company presentations. All of these are customized designs are, “handmade” by our designers for you. Whether you want to introduce the company, customers, partners, banks, suppliers or present your product at an event or trade show – a professional presentation is a basis for the effectiveness of a compelling advertisement.

Frequently asked questions about this product

Does the presentation template contain my logo?

Of course, the template contains your logo which you bought from LOGOSHUFFLE and a matching basic design. Also, the colors and fonts are adjusted to the style of the logo

Can I modify the styles by myself and adjust them to my needs?

Yes, you can directly edit and save the model in Microsoft PowerPoint by yourself.

What if important content or text and numbers change?

No problem, you can, of course, always modify and change the presentation. You will receive a normal PowerPoint file.

How long does it take one to use the presentation template?

Immediately after ordering, we collect personal style preferences. Usually on the same day, but not later than the next working day, one of our designers will begin to create a template in the style of your company. Normally, you will receive the finished package within two or three working days.

Are older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint supported?

Yes, Office 2010 and subsequent versions

I don´t have a Microsoft PowerPoint or Office license. Can I still use the content?

For example, you can use the free Google Docs to easily import your presentation there and use it without any additional programs. However, in this case, it might be that the template in the layout or style is represented in part by way of derogation, therefore we recommend the use of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Will my presentation be created automatically, or manually by a designer?

Your presentation will be customized by our designers. So, you will get your individual presentation template and style.