How it works

  • Step 1

    Enter your brand name and some keywords which describe your business and click Shuffle
  • Step 2

    Browse through our designs, customize colors, fonts, symbols and arrange the logos according to your requirements. Select the one you like the most and check out what it would look like on real objects
  • Step 3

    Buy the desired logo and you will receive a professional, high-quality Corporate Design package

How to create your first logo

First you enter the name you want displayed on the logo - for example, your company,
your project, your website - or just „your baby“!


Next, you choose terms that describe your business. Try not to think what you are doing
(taxes, pipe cleaning, business consulting, coaching, car repair) but something more
figurative, which stands for your brand or your project or your name (book, owl, pipe,
people, sun, car).


In addition, you may choose a set of colors. Don't worry - on the next page you can
customize these colors completely!


Click on „SHUFFLE“ to start - the first logos are generated for you. Do not be
disappointed if there are no useful logos at first. You can shuffle logo suggestions
endlessly without limits!
On the shuffle page you can also define a tagline or slogan which should be reflected in
your logo.


As already mentioned you also have the ability to set individual colors. If you want fewer
colors, just put several colors on a unique color (for example white).

Logoshuffle recognizes colors and how well they fit together - colors which are "too
similar" are then not used together in a logo proposal.


If you are not completely satisfied with the icons, you can either try to change or select
specific individual icons depending on your chosen terms or keywords.


Click on each icon you’d prefer to add them to your selection! The link „see more icons“
gives you more icons to choose from.


After finishing the icon selection you see that only your chosen icons are selected. From
now on all generated logos are only created from these specific icons.


Select the categories of fonts you prefer.
Often „Sans serif“ fonts work best, but other fonts may give you creative input you'd
probably not have thought of yourself.


After finishing, you see the selected font categories.


Click on "Shuffle“ to show new logo proposals based on the changes to these properties.


Click on a logo proposal you prefer and wait a few seconds. On the right hand column
you’ll see examples how your logo may appear on different objects.


With the „pin“ button on the upper right you can mark logo proposals - these are then
stored on your personal watch list. You should register an account at Logoshuffle, so you
can easily retrieve your pinned logos later again - all you need to enter is your E-Mail
address! We promise we won’t spam you.
With the „pen“ button on the upper left you can further refine your logo.


On the refine-page you can try out different layouts, colors, fonts and icons. After you are
satisfied with let’s say the icon, but not yet with the font or colors, then change these
properties until you get your desired logo.

When you're done with the changes click „Apply changes“. And when you've decided on
your favorite logo, please click on „Buy“ and select your favorite package:
Starter - Complete - Professional
Then enter your billing address and select your desired payment method - you can
choose between PayPal, credit card and instant bank transfer.
One more click and then you made it - your new logo belongs to you! :-)