Cafe und Coffeeshop Logo

The perfect logo for your cafe or your Coffeshop can be created  easily and quickly with the help of clever logo generator by Logoshuffle. From hip to classy and original to dignified – Create your Cafe logo with Logoshuffle.

Logo examples

Cafe & Coffee Shop Logo Loffy and Duffy - Logo Design Example Coffee
Cafe & Coffee Shop Logo Barista with Cup - Logo Design Example Coffee
Cafe & Coffee Shop Logo The Coffeeshop with Kaffeetasse - Logo Design Example Coffee
Cafe & Coffee Shop Logo Cafe 17 with Coffee Instant To Go - Logo Design Example Coffee

Café and Coffee Shop Logo design tips

Your café logo should be easily recognizable  and also appear  well on cups and other objects in all cases. That's exactly how your logo should look like on real items, so Logoshuffle shows you how your logo looks like during designing. You can also play with symbols and icons as well as make direct color specifications.

As colors for your Cafe logo, Logoshuffle recommends warm shades, from brown to beige and green to pink and red. The design of the typeface depends, among other things, on the orientation of the café: serif typeface expresses a dignified atmosphere, modern typeface design points to a restaurant with a somewhat local youth audience. Logoshuffle helps you to find the right logo for your target group with many design suggestions.

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