LOGOSHUFFLE PRO – a great tool for logo designers

Use LOGOSHUFFLE Pro as a source of inspiration – focus your creative energy on delivering great results!


When your client is tight on budget or you just need more inspiration than any design book in your shelf can give you – use LOGOSHUFFLE Pro to get great ideas and play around with different designs, fonts and graphic elements.

LOGOSHUFFLE Pro allows you to present your logos to clients in a neutral way:

  1. The “logoshuffle.com” watermark is removed during shuffling – so screenshots can be taken easily.
  2. Download a free “Presentation Package” of your favourite logos in several variants and resolutions – they can be shown or mailed to clients in a neutral way.
  3. You pay for the package only when your client decides for it – you’ll get 30% off all our prices.
  4. Once you’ve buy you’ll get total usage and reselling rights – logos bought with a pro account won’t ever be used by us for presentations or testimonials so your clients are protected from being shown when not desired.
  5. We safely store the logo package in your account so you can download it anytime.

This offer is only available on request.