Getting started with LOGOSHUFFLE: your new logo guide!

After the latest release of our refreshed website, we are happy to announce another great feature for We'd like to present to you: our new LOGOSHUFFLE Guide!

The LOGOSHUFFLE Guide is your little helper when it comes to creating perfect logo designs. In 5 simple steps, you will receive your preferred designs in the blink of an eye. Our visually appealing guide navigates you through the logo design process.

You now start off with the simple LOGOSHUFFLE Guide when you want to create a new design. First, you enter the name you want to appear on the logo.

In the next step, choose some keywords that describe your business (pipe cleaning, coaching, ...).

Then you choose your icons you think that suit best to your design.

Our guide then asks you to choose your preferred font styles.

In the last step, you can select a set of colors for your design. LOGOSHUFFLE creates 6 logo designs based on your input.

Now you can choose the design you prefer - it's that simple!

Werner, am 19. December 2018