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Do you have a new band and you need a logo? You want to concentrate on making music and not spend a lot of money on logo design? Then let yourself be inspired by the design ideas of Logoshuffle and simply create your own band logo with the logo creator!

Logo examples

Band Logo J & L - Logo Design Example Band
Band Logo Musicband - Logo Design Example Band
Band Logo Jazz Six - Logo Design Example Band
Band Logo Chaos Boys - Logo Design Example Band

Band Logo design tips

It is especially important for musicians to present themselves with a logo that is attractive to listeners and fans. Band logos are supposed to have what it takes to become famous. Logoshuffle creates creative logo ideas from your presets and as many as you like. If a design really appeals to you and you think that might be the logo for your band, you can refine it further.

Logoshuffle gives you control over important design elements such as colors, icons, slogans or fonts. Not every typeface is suitable for every band or type of music, for example, rock bands rarely present themselves in serif typefaces.

With colors you should be holding back on music logos, many famous band logos are based on plain black. For good reason: it stands for glamour and secrecy at the same time. As a colorful element for young bands, Red is a particularly agile, powerful color. But ultimately your band logo is just as unique as your music. The large logo selection of logo ideas combined with the individual design options make Logoshuffle your partner in the creation of your band logo.

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