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Your bar needs a logo and can that be done quickly and cheaply? No problem with Logoshuffle: The Logo Creator was made just to generate professional logo ideas from your personal specifications. And for free – only pay if you are satisfied!

Logo examples

Bar Logo Cocktail Bar - Logo Design Example Bar
Bar Logo Spock und Söhne - Logo Design Example Bar
Bar Logo Caribbian - Logo Design Example Bar
Bar Pandabar - Logo Design Example Bar

Bar Logo design tips

Bar Logos are not only clearly visible in front of the bar, but also present you as a host on cards, glasses and on many other items. It should be clear what your bar stands for and what the customer expects. Icons and symbols are particularly suitable for this, as they make clear the difference between a beer bar and a champagne bar at first glance. Even a slogan can as well express the atmosphere and focus of a bar. In terms of color, anything much pretty is possible with logos for restaurants – but you should pay attention to legibility. Do not use too many colors, that distracts!

Remember, Logoshuffle also lets you create all types of print as well as customized templates for the main communication channels for your venue. The Branded Shop offers you comprehensive service for little money. So, you can have more time for your guests!

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