Engineering Logo

As an Engineer and Technician, you are a specialist in your field. Your logo stands for you, your profession and your professionalism. If you know roughly how you want to portray yourself and need a professional logo design for little money, you are at the right place – Logoshuffle: The clever Logo Generator provides you with free matching logo ideas for Engineers and Technicians – pay only if you are satisfied!

Logo examples

Engineering Logo Moss Engineers - Logo Design Example Engineer
Engineering Logo BTG Brandon Tykwer GmbH - Logo Design Example Engineer
Engineering Logo Norman & Foster - Logo Design Example Engineer
Engineering Logo May Engineering - Logo Design Example Engineer

Engineering Logo design tips

Logos in the field of Technology should be progressive and solution-oriented. A modern typeface or appropriate technical symbols are often seen on logos for Engineers and Technicians. In terms of color, Logoshuffle recommends the use of blue for Competence and Safety and green for Assertiveness and Perseverance – but red and orange can also be appropriate when dealing with innovative-agile technology companies. Serif typeface is recommended only in exceptional cases, frills and detours usually do not fit the profession of the Technician. The Logo Generator creates logos according to your specifications – this includes provision for a slogan! If you need the right business card or more for your Technician logo, you’ll find it at Logoshuffle as well.

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