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Concentrate on your financial business, save time and money and create your personal logo with Logoshuffle. Rely on the Intelligent logo generator and get inspired by professional logos that are tailored to your industry.

Logo examples

Finance Logo BR - Logo Design Example Finance
Finance Logo Storch Finance Consulting - Logo Design Example Finance
Finance Logo WTK - Logo Design Example Finance
Finance Logo Hubsteiner - Logo Design Example Finance

Finance Logo design tips

Logos in the area of finance and money must above all express trust, maturity and longevity. Therefore, most financial logos are dominated by the colors blue and green. Black, the basis of many logos elsewhere, is not so decisive here. It determines round shapes and clear font patterns.

Certain icons can be useful for small businesses, so that potential customers can quickly identify which service or product it is. A slogan as well. Of course, you can use both as a creative element at Logoshuffle, and you will also be able to determine the final font and colors. This way you can give your business a distinctive face and experience with your customers professionally with your own finance brand.

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