Health Logo

If you are in the health or nutrition industry, rely on Logoshuffle when you want to create your logo. The clever logo creator serves as a source of inspiration and helps you reliably to create a suitable logo – whether you are a nutritionist or a nurse by profession.

Logo examples

Health Logo Julia Petra Nutritionist - Logo Design Example Health
Health Logo Bee Fair - Logo Design Example Food & Health
Health Logo the lemon - Logo Design Example Health
Health Logo Paleo Plan - Logo Design Example Health

Health Logo design tips

Logos of the health and food industry must be particularly trustworthy, they should reflect safety and in many cases suggest a natural connection. The choice of color is appropriately clear: blue and green are usually preferable. Blue is favorable especially for health care, medicines and all areas with focus on knowledge and safety. Green looks youthful and stands for nature and growth – in the health sector well suited for food supplements, organic products or alternative medicine.

For small businesses, it will be good to present themselves with a icon logo. The target group recognizes at first glance what it is about. The inclusion of a slogan is also possible when creating your logo.

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