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A good hotel logo shows class. Logoshuffle helps you to create your hotel logo reliably and presents you with reliable logo suggestions for hotels and catering industry. Of course, you can also choose colors, icons and fonts, as well as incorporate your slogan into the logo.

Logo examples

Hotel Logo Hotel Dublin - Logo Design Example Hotel
Hotel Logo Hotel E&E - Logo Design Example Hotel
Hotel Logo Mellenhof - Logo Design Example Hotel
Hotel Logo Cesare Palace - Logo Design Example Hotel

Hotel Logo design tips

Just like accommodation and service of your hotel, your logo should be optimally exact to your target group. Black and gold seems Glamorous, blue shows security and self-confidence, green stands for nature and life. A red hotel logo on the other hand can give you attention and show more than other color activity. In short: All colors are possible, according to the nature of your hotel or guest house.

That’s where the symbols and icons come into play. Logoshuffle allows you to choose your own icons to pinpoint the meaning of your logo. And that’s all about when creating a perfect hotel logo.

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