Lawyer Logo

As a lawyer, your logo tells your customers about who you are. It should reflect again how you understand your work and convince your clientele. Taking into account your specifications quickly and accurately, Logoshuffle creates logos for law and order.

Logo examples

Lawyer Logo Adler & Senger Law - Logo Design Example Lawyer
Lawyer Logo Dr. Hans Stenger Lawyer - Logo Design Example Lawyer
Lawyer Ballmer Attorney - Logo Design Example Lawyer
Lawyer Logo Law & Order - Logo Design Example Lawyer

Lawyer Logo design tips

Attorney logos should be particularly respectable and trustworthy. Based on this – think about the display ability in many print types and media! – The colors blue or green are recommended. If you want to show yourself particularly agile, red is an option. Symbols and icons give the viewer a quick impression of your profession, exactly for that Logoshuffle provides a comprehensive icon selection for you – in the default settings, especially typical symbols are used. And of course, your lawyer logo can be designed with a slogan.

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