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As a photographer looking for a logo, you can easily and quickly get inspired by Logoshuffle from free photography logo ideas. Just like that, whether freelance photographer, photo studio or other business around photography – creating a photo logo with Logoshuffle is easy and fun!

Logo examples

Photography Logo FT - Logo Design Example Photography
Photography Logo Fotographer Pirchner - Logo Design Example Photography
Photography Logo Camera Obscura - Logo Design Example Photography
Photography Logo Fine Arts Fotography - Logo Design Example Photography

Photography Logo design tips

As a photographer, you focus on aperture, shutter speed and exposure. A well designed logo will help you to present yourself and your photos. Logoshuffle knows how to create a photography logo and takes into account industry specific circumstances as well as customer preferences.

The logo as a graphic identification mark is particularly important in the photography business. Photography logos should be well recognizable in different environments and applications, such as watermarks or black and white. Therefore, despite the creative claim, photography logos are mostly clear and not too colored and a clarification of the profession by the use of industry-specific icons is often seen in photographer ‘s logos. If you want a pure font logo, you can make your logo meaningful at Logoshuffle with a slogan, such as “Photography”.

Most photographers prefer black and grey, most often in combination with red, blue or green. Blue creates trust and associates knowledge and security, Red focuses the eye and stands for strength and speed, while green is connected with nature and balance. The decisive factors are also the occasion and target group. For wedding photographers, for example, pink, warmth and security can be a good choice.

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