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In sales, it is important to convince customers – a suitable logo is part of it. With Logoshuffle you can make your retail logo quick and easy, you don’t have to spend time and money. Choose from many free suggestions and create your personal shop logo with your own settings!

Logo examples

Retail Adelmann Heating Systems - Logo Design Example Retail
Retail Logo Jolly Shop - Logo Design Example Retail
Retail Logo Olf AG - Logo Design Example Retail
Retail Logo Huber & Huber - Logo Design Example Retail

Retail Logo design tips

Logos for retailers are as different as their goods, but they have one thing in common – they have to be attracting to the customer, recognizable and unique at the same time. After all, the competition is great and the importance of a good logo cannot be overestimated. While many industries and business sectors have their typical colors, you can be creative as a retailer. Uniqueness and originality are just as important as trust and clear and convincing language.

It cannot be quite wrong if your offer is reflected in the logo or at least can be imagined. For this purpose, Logoshuffle offers a large number of subjects as well as the possibility of a slogan. The choice of colors is not limited in retail logos, so you can choose your offer and target audience.

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