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Startups need attention! Be it, customers, media or investors – a startup requires a good logo because only then can the foundation for a true brand identity be laid. Logoshuffle helps founders get started quickly and cost-effectively with the creation of matching logos.

Logo examples

Startup Logo Jimbo Connections - Logo Design Example Startups
Startup Logo  Beyond Publishing - Logo Design Example Startups
Startup Logo High Fly Flying Solutions - Logo Design Example Startups
Startup Logo Goop Fruits - Logo Design Example Startups

Startup Logo design tips

The clever logo generator from Logoshuffle does not create your startup logo at random but incorporates your concepts and ideas into the design process. Choose icons and font categories and adjust colors. A good slogan can be a valuable contribution to your brand identity as a founder – a good idea, especially for startups. Based on your specifications, Logoshuffle creates individual logo design ideas – for free and for as long as you want. Then you can either use your favorite as a logo for your company or refine it further. Depending on the package, you can order your branded identity from Logoshuffle from business card upwards! Each logo of Logoshuffle is unique, your rights of use are unlimited.

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