Transport Logo

Transport logos and brand identities of freight haulers rely on mobility and reliability – show them: With our Hauling agency we transport quickly and safely from A to B. In the area of ​​transport and hauling, a good logo is particularly important because it is more present and visible than average.

Logo examples

Transport Logo Logistica  - Logo Design Example Transport
Transport Logo Concordia - Logo Design Example Transport
Transport Logo Mannesmann Logistics - Logo Design Example Transport
Transport Logo La Mertens Trans - Logo Design Example Transport

Transport Logo design tips

Based on your specifications, Logoshuffle creates a series of matching logo design ideas – not just for the transport sector, but tailor-made for your Haulage company. To choose font categories, set icons and choose the colors of your logo. You can also specify a slogan – it can highlight your brand identity if it is available. In the transport sector, of course, trucks, roads or moving lines are recommended as symbols. With blue as the base color for security and stability, you are not wrong, red or orange as additional colors in the logo illustrate the element movement. Depending on the orientation and type of transport service, however, other colors may also be used. Keep in mind that you can order your printing and communication materials from Logoshuffle around your logo.

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