Wellness Logo

Logos for the wellness industry have a central theme: the well-being of the customer or patient. Whether wellness trainer, Shiatsu practitioner or nutritionist – every logo from the wellness area should look professional and confidence-inspiring. Logoshuffle will help you to create your logo.

Logo examples

Wellness Logo Marie Baum Shiatsu - Logo Design Beispiel für Wellness
Wellness Logo Bad Austein Wellness & Therme - Logo Design Beispiel für Wellness
Wellness Logo Leo Ferrero Trainer - Logo Design Beispiel für Wellness
Wellness Logo Joe Weiner Studio - Logo Design Example Wellness

Wellness Logo Design Tips

The clever Logo Generator creates Logo ideas according to your specifications. In the area of ​​Wellness, warm colors are recommended, but above all green as well as blue. Depending on the orientation of your profession, you can define symbols for nature, spirituality or body – an additional slogan in the logo helps to accentuate you and your offer in this sense. The logo fonts should be harmonious. Whether modern, handwritten, with or without serifs but is as open as the whole range of the topic of Wellness. In other words, while the theme and the goal are similar across the Wellness Industry, there are no approaches. Everything is possible from esoteric-sensual to modern-scientific. This should be taken into account when creating the logo. Therefore, Logoshuffle creates for you at no additional cost as much matching logo ideas, to make you satisfied. Throughout the creation phase, you can change your preferences over and over again.

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