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Create yoga logos for studios, schools, and coaches with Logoshuffle. Looking for meaningful design suggestions for you as a person, company or group, Logoshuffle is your partner on the way to the best Yoga logo and sheds light on the Yoga logo design!

Logo examples

Yoga Logo Yolo Yoga Studio - Logo Design Beispiel für Yoga
Yoga Logo Acro Yoga Star - Logo Design Beispiel für Yoga
Yoga Logo Yamarira - Logo Design Beispiel für Yoga
Yoga Logo Simple Yoga School - Logo Design Example Yoga

Yoga Logo design tips

Yoga logos often refer to typical patterns or symbols such as a circle, lotus or geometric designs. Also frequently seen are poses such as the lotus position and the colors purple, green or gold. A slogan or subtitle on the actual name of your logo may shed some light on your yoga studio’s offer or your direction as a yoga teacher, such as “Miller – Yoga & Wellness Studio”, “Earth Yoga – Healthy Body and Soul” or simply “LHP – Yoga Studio”. With these and similar details, you can create with Logoshuffle, a harmonious Yoga logo, which shows you and your school perfectly outward! If you like, you can also make business cards and all necessary documents in the branding shop at Logoshuffle!

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